About US

Sastatareen is known around the world as one of the industry’s most creative minds and calming presences on an every day. Lead by the infectious spirit of kindness, Sastatareen and it’s energetic team have been conjuring up imaginative ideas and one-of-a-kind details for clients for almost 30 years.

With a home base in Pakistan and a portfolio around the globe, Sastatareen produces Physical goods and a variety of products. She’s had the immense honor of working with some of the world’s most notable couples and clients, No matter the celebration, Sastatareen prides on infusing the clients into the details so that products ever look and feel alike.
In addition to designing stylish and remarkable selling history along with the client’s satisfactory results, Sastatareen has expanded into the world of lifestyle and brand collaborations to help the fans of the products. It’s being a long journey our first priority is to give the consumer what they deserve.

Every new is a net struggle to and we belive in new inovations, Our team is striving hard to deliver the quality goods. With your support we will be able to touch the sky. In case you have any query or question related to the products or procedure, You can click on Contact us page and fill out the information and just sumbit or give us a call, Our dedicated team will help you out.